The Wrexham Hospital League of Friends was founded in 1968.

Our objective is to raise funds to purchase equipment, often specialist,when hospital funding is unavailable. The equipment is used within the Wrexham Maelor Hospital  for both inpatient and outpatient use. 

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Do you have a few hours to spare?

We are looking for Volunteers to take our Sweets and Drinks trolley around  the wards for a couple of hours in the mornings on a rota basis 

 For further information please telephone  Trevor Jones on Wrexham 725051 

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This bed is in constant use, and plays a valuable role within the Maxillofacial Unit. It is used in the recovery of patients after operations, and where a dressing is needed after facial treatment It has made the work much easier for staff in this unit.

Most of us will need the hospital at some time
"They are there for you
Be there for them"
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